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Life Style

Victo Ngai, an Oriental illustrator in Manhattan

Victo Ngai is the artistic name of Ngai Cheu Ching, a young illustrator originally from Hong Kong who now lives and works in New York. We will bring you to visit her much-admired world of images suspended between tradition and modernity, dream and reality.


Victo Ngai, an illustrator who has already bewitched countless eyes around the world, grew up in Hong Kong, where she was born in 1988. Her nickname Victo was given to her to overcome the difficulty of pronouncing her real name, Ngai Cheu Ching.

After moving to the United States for her studies, she graduated from the Rhode Island Design School in New York, where she still lives and works. So far, you may say, nothing so unusual… Right, because the extraordinary thing about Victo Ngai is the style of her illustrations: dreamlike and fantastic works suspended between tradition and modernity, mixing classic oriental painting and digital processing.


A unique and unmistakable style, which has led Victo Ngai to collaborate successfully in a wide range of fields, in publishing and elsewhere. Her illustrations have already appeared on the pages of The New Yorker and The New York Times, she has published books for publishers including the Folio Society, Abrams and Tor Forge, and worked on advertising campaigns for McDonald’s, MTA Art for Transit (New York Subway), Adidas Hong Kong, Lufthansa Airline, General Electric… and more. Not bad for such a young artist…

Victo Ngai, an Oriental illustrator among the people of America

Victo Ngai’s background is highly eclectic: she speaks Chinese – both Cantonese and Mandarin – English and Japanese, and all these cultures are reflected in her work.

The style evokes Japan, the lines strongly echo those of antique Chinese prints, and the subjects are a mix of American people with oriental “apparitions”.

Victo works with a palette of flat colors that make her illustrations notable for their evocative impact and imaginative richness: opening viewpoints onto a fantastic universe embracing magical journeys between land, sea and infinite consciousness. A blend which has not only brought her success in various fields but also won her many prestigious awards, including the Forbes 30 in the Art & Style category. Her mix of styles and influences mirrors her own identity mix and her way of being and living. She has declared in an interview:

“For me, illustration has never been a habit or a job: it defines me.”

Works crammed with action, with spiraling movements that mysteriously attract us, and illustrations calling us to enter fantastic and supernatural worlds. A unique expressive language, both ancient and contemporary, which is the product of a creative and technical process that starts with pen and ink and finishes with the mouse, and which Victo Ngai describes thus:

“I usually work in both traditional and digital ways. I draw the lines with nib pens or else rapidograph. I create the textures on various pieces of paper, using different means including graphite, acrylic or oil pastels, depending on the look I want to create. Then I compose everything digitally and color it in Photoshop.”

The results are here for all to see, in the illustrations by Victo Ngai which we have chosen for you to see. So now, all we have to do is raise the red curtain on her amazing illustrations, as they invite you to immerse yourself in an imaginary universe crammed with energy and movement, mysterious figures and supernatural animals, ghostly apparitions and natural scenery, magic creatures – bizarre or extraterrestrial – detailing packed with power, brilliant colors and everything that can create enchantment…

Long Door Dishwasher

Franke pays great attention to trends and to the evolution of contemporary style. Long door dishwasher created to fit into kitchens with low skirting boards. A special installation system makes it possible to opt for skirting elements 25mm lower, at 95mm.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Fridge equipped with ‘no frost system’ This cooling system cyclically filters off the moist air present in the compartments, thus impeding the formation of frost. As a result, food lasts longer, maintains its original coloring even while frozen, while the need for periodic de-freezing to remove frost no longer exists.

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Victo Ngai, an Oriental illustrator in Manhattan
Victo Ngai is the artistic name of Ngai Cheu Ching, a young illustrator originally from Hong Kong who now lives and works in New York. We will bring you to visit her much-admired world of images suspended between tradition and modernity, dream and reality.
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Franke Kitchen System
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