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Speakers / Panelists

Claus Meyer – Co-founder and Co-owner Noma and GUSTU
Claus Meyer co-founder and co-owner of celebrated restaurant Noma, Copenhagen, rated the world’s Best Restaurant four times and GUSTU, La Paz has been a gastronomic entrepreneur for the last 30 years. Besides his countless companies, Meyer is an affiliated professor at Copenhagen Business School and Social Impact Fellow at University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Marius Robles – CEO & Co-founder Reimagine Food
Marius Robles is the CEO & Co-Founder of Reimagine Food, the world’s first disruptive center committed to the future of food that connects start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, and the F&B industry with the technologies that are transforming and impacting our food system.

Philippe Starck – Designer and Architect
Philippe Starck is a French creator, designer and architect. His profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, his determination to change the world, his anticipatory concern for environmental implications, his love of ideas, his desire to defend the intelligence of usefulness – and the usefulness of intelligence – have accompanied one iconic creation after the other.

Tyler Brûlé – Innovator Wallpaper und Monocle
Tyler Brûlé is widely considered one of the most influential media innovators of his generation. In 1996 Brûlé launched Wallpaper, a title that won numerous awards for its design, international relevance and use of typography. In 2002 Brûlé sold his stake in Wallpaper to focus on developing Winkreative, the full- service branding and design agency he set up in 1998. Monocle has become the second ground-breaking publication of Brûlé’s career. It is an international briefing on current affairs, business, culture and design published 10 times a year.

Matteo Thun – Architect and Designer
Matteo Thun is an award winning Italian architect and designer. After becoming a co-founder of the Memphis Group in Milan, he founded his own studio in 1984 and worked as the Creative Director for Swatch for a few years. His company, Matteo Thun & Partners, founded in 2001, develops projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and production design.

Marije Vogelzang – Pioneer eating design
Marije Vogelzang is considered a pioneer and the ‘Grand dame’ in the field of eating design. After having developed and sold two experimental restaurants called ‘PROEF’ in the Netherlands, she broadened her experiments and developed her vision to design out of the verb of eating. She recently became head of a new bachelor department about food at the Design Academy Eindhoven called FOOD NON FOOD. In 2016 Marije initiated the Dutch institute of Food&Design. A global network to celebrate the power of design connected to food.

Mirjam Hauser – Trend and Consumer Researcher
Mirjam Hauser is Senior Research Manager at GIM Suisse (company for innovative market research), where she conducts trend and consumer research. She has published several food and consumer trend reports at the GDI (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute) and belongs to the “Values & Visions 2030” team of the GIM values and future.

Stephan Sigrist – Head of the W.I.R.E think tank / Publisher ABSTRAKT
Stephan Sigrist is founder and head of the W.I.R.E think tank. He has spent many years analyzing interdisciplinary developments in business and society, focusing on the implications of digitalization in the life sciences, financial services, media, infrastructure and mobility. He is the publisher of the ABSTRAKT book series, author of a number of publications and a keynote speaker at international conferences.

Patrick Camele – CEO der SV Group
Patrick Camele has spent most of his career in the food industry and has been the CEO of SV Group since 2012. SV Group is an international, innovative gastronomy and hotel management firm based in Switzerland. Camele has a business administration degree from the FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Science and an Executive MBA from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Melchior Lengsfeld – CEO HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
Executive Director of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, a development organisation based in Switzerland. Its vision is a just world in which all men and women determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable way. Melchior Lengsfeld studied sociology, economy and philosophy in Basel and Paris.

Michael Lammel – Visionary at NOA
Michael Lammel is the visionary at NOA and its co-founder and managing partner, responsible for the overall product design strategy and future development. After studying mechanical engineering in Aachen and industrial design in Essen he went to Milan to work as a product designer for several companies in the furniture, automobile and watch industries.

Shem Leupin – Swiss Barista Champion
Shem Leupin, roaster and head of development at Stoll Kaffee, is an ambassador for Switzerland’s young and developing coffee scene and won the Swiss Barista Championship in 2013. He will talk about the latest coffee trends and share his expertise in the roasting process and different methods of preparation.

Thomas P. Meier – CEO Franke Coffee Systems
The CEO of Franke Coffee Systems will share his thoughts about democratizing and spreading premium coffee culture across the globe, and explain the latest product developments in his division. Prior to joining Franke, Thomas P. Meier held various key management positions at Lindt & Sprüngli and Unilever.

Alexander Zschokke – CEO Franke Group
Before joining Franke in 2012, Alexander Zschokke worked at Sonova and Contraves as well as 14 years in the fashion, luxury and retail industry. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He is the initiator and driving force behind the launch of “Think Next by Franke”, bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the future of design, architecture, cooking and technology shaping the industry.

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