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Google Home

Smart home, a new domotic dimension

The internet of things, intelligent kitchens and the Smart Home: how our everyday habits will change.

Would you like to live in a home with a virtual assistant to help you with all kinds of household or kitchen needs? Welcome to the age of the smart home!


Olly, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple homekits… Say hello to just a few of the robot vocal assistants on the market! What they all share is the ability to search the internet for the information we request and to control our connected household appliances.


The differences between them don’t matter here: the point is that the hyper-connected smart home mounted by Big G a few years ago in Milan to demonstrate its technological features, is now part of everyday reality.


Imagine that you want to astonish your dinner guests with an original menu, about which you have a basic idea, but you’ve only got two hands, very little time and not much idea about how to prepare such a dish.

At this point, our Google Home, Apple homekit or other smart assistant device will understand the nature and context of our question or command, supply a series of intelligent options and, when instructed, activate all the pertinent appliances in our smart home. At the same time, also through vocal commands, we can choose, activate and adjust video or audio systems, all without needing either a smartphone or a remote control device.
We’ve heard it talked about for years, now The Internet of Things is an everyday reality:  smart homes are starting to contain various elegantly designed and increasingly intelligent devices providing all kinds of benefits, especially in terms of comfort, energy savings and security.

Google Home

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Olly, Apple homekit… take your pick! Ready to try interactive cooking? The apron is not included in the kit.

The genie in the lamp? No, it’s Big G, inside a smart loudspeaker!

Once connected to Chromecast and therefore to your home’s wi-fi, Google Home will always be ready to help you manage various kinds of content or to control appliances via voice recognition.

Google’s virtual assistant, however, is much more than a vocal recognition and synthesizing device.  Being constructed on a neural network, it will be able to smart-learn what we are asking: based on Google Now technology, it will then start to foresee what we want to know or do next time around. To be sure, this could be perceived as constituting a “little” privacy problem… but you can’t have your cake and eat it

Apple offers something different to your smart home.

The Apple Homekit presents itself as a home automation system on an iOS platform which enables you to activate and operate a series of devices, including movement sensors, video cameras, light fittings, switches, thermostats, etc. All this thanks to the Siri system and the presence of a chip in each device which recognizes any Apple ID.

This makes it possible to organize accessories in every room, manage various devices simultaneously and control your smart home remotely.

This vision of the future may strike you as something from a science fiction film but, to paraphrase Mark Twain, one can only say that “Truth is stranger than fiction“!

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Smart home, a new domotic dimension
The internet of things, intelligent kitchens and the Smart Home: how our everyday habits will change.
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Franke Kitchen System
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