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Life Style
Nadia Damaso

The pleasures of eating well and healthy, with Nadia Damaso

Nadia Damaso: “Cooking is art

We all know now that the ideal lifestyle must include a balanced diet and a commitment to eating well and healthily. But what is a diet? All too often we associate the word ‘diet’ with sacrifice: as in sacrificing the pleasures of eating in order to lose weight. But is this really the case? Is it true that if we wish to lose excess weight we have to go hungry or stop eating delicious food?

Nadia Damaso, the young Food Blogger from the Grisons canton in Switzerland, and best-selling author, is convinced that the secret lies in balanced and varied nutrition. In four words: eat healthily, eat well. Following certain easy rules and choices, it is perfectly possible to follow a healthy diet without sacrificing taste or pleasure.

Her motto, “Eat better not less”, which is the title of her book, succinctly transmits her ideas: eating is not just a matter of fueling our organism, it’s also a source of pleasure and nourishment (“I like trying out new things and, like everyone else, I love eating! Honestly, good food makes you happy, pure and simple.”). And anyway, obtaining a healthy mixture of foodstuffs, an essential part of a beneficial diet, can be much easier than you think. Nadia’s recipes are rich in ingredients found in the Mediterranean diet and are ‘selling like hot cakes’ on social networks.

All this began when she was a schoolgirl in Switzerland, with a passion for food and a few unwanted kilos. She made up her mind to lose some weight, but not to follow any one specific diet, preferring to look for healthy foods that could improve her physical form and also satisfy the demands of her palate. Eating well and healthily.

An experiment which became a lifestyle and a culinary style and which today continues in new forms and experiments, photographed and shared on Instagram… where she currently has over 170,000 followers. Plus her book “Eat Better not Less” is already in its third edition. In conclusion: the story of a “healthy success”, with whom we are delighted to collaborate.

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The pleasures of eating well and healthily, with Nadia Damaso
Nadia Damaso: “Cooking is art”.
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Franke Kitchen System
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