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One step ahead – “THINK NEXT by Franke”

“THINK NEXT by Franke” is a summit, at which renowned experts in the areas of design, food, architecture, sustainability and technology from around the globe consider the future of their areas of expertise. They share their own inspiring insights on where the journey will take us, what trends will be most relevant for us over the next years, what inspires them most and how they come up with big ideas. Yet, there is more, as Franke has embarked on a journey as well. A journey called “Make It Wonderful”.

Have you ever thought about what makes your daily life wonderful? Isn’t it the little things that make your day and make you smile? For example, relax from an exhausting workday by cooking something nice for yourself? Prepare a meal for your loved ones? A perfectly brewed coffee after a long warm shower in the morning? Or make yourself comfortable with your family at the kitchen table?

Of course, it is those often-overlooked things that turn a house into a home – and the kitchen at its heart to one of the most valuable places. The interplay of the various areas and the manifold devices is the icing on the cake.

“Make It Wonderful” is the aspiration Franke follows, so you can enjoy the pleasant things in life. This is also true for the future, which is the reason behind this year’s first edition of the “THINK NEXT by Franke” summit.


What is the summit about?

The first edition of the summit has a specific focus on innovation and trends in the food industry. Experts will provide various insights into different sections of the market and share their predictions and thoughts on topics like “Interior Design & Architecture” and “Technology”. Moreover, the main topics coffee, water, sustainability and food-trends will be discussed in more detail, and many other things will be thought about by asking questions like:

  • What is “superfood”?
  • How has the taste of coffee changed over time?
  • What are technological challenges for the cuisine of the future?
  • How do we manage water as a resource?
  • What influence does food have on design?
  • How do we experience food with all our senses?
  • In what way is architecture inspired by its environment?

Before and after the summit, we will share some of these insights on this blog and introduce some fascinating facts on the work of the experts. So, come back and read more about the trends that will shape our homes in the future.


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