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Master chef Bruno Barbieri

Bruno Barbieri on tour

Bruno Barbieri among Italy’s special tastes: stopover on the Mount Argentario peninsula

Take a place where the sea’s perfumes mingle with those of a coastline brimming with spontaneous beauty. Blend this with the peace of an ancient lane, adding a sprinkle of curiosity and a sparkle of creativity. Let your eyes and mind relax in order to appreciate the flavours of the important things in life, and finally, pour into this mixture the irresistible enthusiasm of a many-starred career master chef, and… enjoy yourself!

You have just tasted a day with Bruno Barbieri on Mount Argentario, one of the most stunning settings among all Italy’s landscapes.

Bathed by the bright blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, scattered with medieval villages set among hillside woods and fields, the highest promontory on the coast of Tuscany is a perfect place to play host to the creative peaks of our official testimonial.

Bruno Barbieri

A chef juggling with Mount Argentario’s treasures

Bruno Barbieri chooses his ingredients from among the countess flavours of this land a stones-throw from the sea, bringing to life a special recipe that wonderfully blends the untampered and authentic products of local tradition with his own passion for deep culinary harmonies.

He slices, rinses, doses, calibrates, cooks and serves with the rhythms of an expertise that – never limiting itself to the simple application of technique – increasingly surprises us with the thrill of multi-sensorial pleasures.

After all, Celebrity MasterChef’s Bruno Barbieri uses recipes that have a secret: because he’s often jealous of them, like every truly creative chef. But we suspect you’ll have already made a note about his secret…

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MasterChef on tour
Bruno Barbieri among Italy’s special tastes: stopover on the Mount Argentario peninsula.
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Franke Kitchen System
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