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Marije Vogelzang – the first eating designer in the world

What is an eating designer and why do we need one? According to Marije Vogelzang, sometimes even she finds it difficult to explain what she actually does. Ten years ago, people just thought she came up with new recipes or that she was a food stylist. Today, however, there are more and more people who understand the connection between design and food.

Marije Vogelzang’s real interest in food began at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where she began to understand that food has a strong emotional impact and how it is used in rituals. Vogelzang remembers that always found food rather boring as a child and did not like the bland flavors of Dutch cuisine. It was only travel that led her to new taste experiences and taught her the art of understanding cultures through taste buds.

From her first job to the Dutch Institute for Food and Design

After graduating from the Design Academy in 2000, Vogelzang’s path first led her to the studio of Hella Jongerius, where she tried to start a career. In spite of all her efforts, she was nonetheless repeatedly drawn back to food-related projects. In 2004, she started her own restaurant studio, called PROEF, in Rotterdam together with Piet Hekker and expanded to Amsterdam in 2005, where she created a new type of experimental cuisine.  After several successful years with PROEF, Marije Vogelzang’s first book was published in 2008, titled “EAT LOVE”.

Following the sale of both restaurant studios in Rotterdam (2009) and Amsterdam (2011), she used her newly acquired time to concentrate on design work. Since 2014, she has been head of the new “FOOD NON FOOD” department of the Design Academy Eindhoven, and in 2016, she launched the Dutch Institute for Food and Design.

At the “THINK NEXT by Franke” summit she will host a “multi-sensorial food experience workshop”.


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