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Doing your home up? Be smart: ally yourself with the energy-saving trend!

If you’re planning to renovate your home, add an extra option: energy saving. An aspect that involves much more than just reducing (happily) your electricity, water and gas bills.

Are you planning to get the builders in? It’s well worth joining the energy-saving revolution! That’s not a threat, it’s a great tip: that way you can save money on the cost of materials and labour, thanks to a series of government incentives. You’d be making a decision with dual advantages: saving money on renovation costs and future bills, but also putting into practice your awareness of the need for environmental sustainability.

Reasoning in terms of energy savings, green building, Class A appliances, solar panels, Biomass Heating Systems or alternative energy, after all, is not exclusively a matter of exploiting the considerable advantages offered by fiscal bonuses and incentives currently offered by Italian laws… about which we’ll shortly tell you more. Considering energy savings is also and above all a matter of ethics. In other words, an issue that is worth thinking about seriously.

Building renovation 2017 and green convenience: the advantages of eco-smart homes

Increasingly, today’s residential projects – whether single homes or entire condominiums – are built or restructured based on the concept of “green homes”. One of the most striking examples of this trend can be seen in Italy, where eco-sustainable residential projects are a reality, launching a planning and construction model exported worldwide.

Yes, you may think, but I just want to do up my home, not build a new one… let alone build a skyscraper. But even in your case, carrying out domestic building work aimed at achieving energy savings can offer you numerous beneficial options.

Operations that come into this category range from thermal insulation to technologies improving plant energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, recovering and recycling rainwater, water saving devices, use of recyclable building materials, and much more.

Efficient joinery, biomass heaters, solar panels, wall and roof insulation, but also building automation and domotic systems… all can combine to contribute to robust energy savings. This, don’t forget, will not only contribute to reducing consumption and therefore bills, but also to improving the quality of life and respect for the environment, with all the consequent benefits for your community and for the future of coming generations.


Open the door to energy saving in your home by starting with the windows.  Installing efficiently insulating doors and windows, for example, is a renovation project that will immediately guarantee you notable advantages: by reducing heating consumption in the winter and air conditioning consumption in the summer. And if your windows come with transparent solar panels or multiple solar sensors, and can be connected to internet in order to allow you to remote control it via smartphone, that’s to say if it is an innovative smart window, all the better! The important thing is to plan and act with the precise goal of reducing energy consumption and cost.

But don’t let’s forget the other practical side to this matter: remember that eco-bonus incentives for energy-reducing building projects are available for anyone in Italy deciding to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, and that two kinds of tax reduction are possible: one for energy saving works (65%) and another for building renovation in 2017 (50%).
Two more good reasons to fight pollution by choosing the right side to be on: that of the energy-saving technology!

Dishwasher with large door

An energy class A+++ dishwasher that offers ergonomic usage comfort plus maximum functionality, thanks to its wide range of washing options.

Built-in Refrigerator

The pondered choice of an A++ Energy Class and Climate Class kitchen appliance guarantees reduced consumption while maintaining elevated performance levels.

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Doing your home up? Be smart: ally yourself with the green revolution!
If you’re planning to renovate your home, add an extra option: energy saving. An aspect that involves much more than just reducing (happily) your electricity, water and gas bills.
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Franke Kitchen System
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