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Furnishing trends for 2018: previews on design and colors

What are 2018’s design trends? What kind of styles should we choose for our domestic habitats next year? What colors will dominate furnishing in 2018? Let’s take a look at trends in elegance and ideas for chic contemporary comfort in home furnishing and design.

Another year is approaching, and so are rumours about  2018’s furnishing trends. What will change in terms of styles, materials, colors and textures? What will 2018 bring when it comes to design trends in home renewal? What new tastes in domestic style and appeal will emerge? We’ve taken a look at the signs, and this is what we have found.


2018 design trends: up-and-coming styles

Different trends for different spaces, from living rooms to kitchens and bedrooms to bathrooms, introducing  shapes, materials and colors sometimes sophisticated and sometimes minimal, but always adapted to each individual ambience mood.

Different harmonies which take into account both objective aesthetic values and multiple kinds of lifestyle, frequently influenced by ongoing developments such as the digital evolution towards the smart home concept.


For living room areas, the trend is towards natural and untreated materials and forms. On the rise, a taste for bamboo, wickerwork and woven fibers, evoking pleasantly relaxing and nature-orientated moods.  A non-specific ethnic influence often described as Afro-chic. Another trend for shared living spaces, however,  favors a more severe mood, in total back or, alternatively, navy blue, for example in sofa and armchair upholstery. These darker colors, however, will then be offset by white cushions or furnishing and by decorative items in bright dominating colors.
Meanwhile, 2018 furnishing trends in bedrooms and night zones tend to shift to more minimal styles with a Scandinavian mood. A look that is clean and simple, but also welcomingly soothing. Recently – perhaps influenced by the products of certain low cost giants – furniture and accessories have tended towards Nordic tastes. Indeed, northern European design looks to be one of the major furnishing features of 2018. That means bedrooms where whites are the dominant color, with walls and furniture in off-whites and creams, and fabrics in pale neutrals.

As for chromatic palettes, in 2018 the following will be in ascendance:

2018 furnishing hues: color protagonists

Bear in mind the rise in popularity, since the beginning of 2017, of Greenery as a Pantone color: a green hue that goes with practically all styles, even for the most demanding tastes. But what other colors will be in the spotlight in 2018?

The Pantone Institute – one of the most influential color research centers, which analyzes and influences tones and matching tastes – has not yet finalized the dominant hue for 2018. It has, however, indicated its  8 Pantone View Home + Interiors 2018 palettes, showing the on-trend colors and chromatic matches in interior design.

If you want to be in line with the latest tastes, be sure to check them out!

  • Resourceful: a palette dominated by blues and oranges, two opposite and complimentary tones on the color wheel, cold and warm hues, to be blended in new combinations.
  • Verdure: a palette inspired by nature and by vegetal colors such as Celery Green, matched with purplish wild fruit tones.
  • Playful: an energetic palette where bright yellow and lime mix with other positive colors expressing joie de vivre.
  • Discretion: at the opposite pole from Playful’s light-hearted mood, here the emphasis is on understated tones favoring pinks and moderate hues.
  • Far-fetched: a palette embracing very different cultures and styles, with reds contraposed with Iced Coffee and bold earthy colors like Maize Yellow.
  • Intricacy: here, metallic colors (the “new neutrals”), mix with sharper accents like Holly Red or Sulphur Yellow, proposing unusual but intriguing blends.
  • Intensity: a mix between forceful impact and refinement, where purple, blue and aquamarine encounter orange and the fluorescent tones of hot Lava, subtly balanced by black and gold.
  • TECH-nique: a range of luminous colors such as turquoise, vibrant blue, fuchsia pink, green and purple, combined with Brilliant White and Bright Almond, evoking a technological spirit.


At this point, if you feel you ought to be inspired by the latest color trends when searching for and choosing fabrics, furniture, furnishing items and wall paint, you should simply explore the must-have colors for on-trend homes in 2018. Here they are:

  • Orange: a warm and lively tone that is perfect for sparking colorful accents in the living area and the kitchen.
  • Blue: whether navy, turquoise or baby blue, blues always go well with orange, but also with neutral shades… a particularly elegant furnishing combination.
  • Green: only in its lime, celery and acid green variants, splendid with neutral hues but also with sky blue.
  • Purple: one of the most particular colors among the 2018 trends, striking for fabrics and in patterns, or interacting with orange and dove grey.
  • Pink: after its success in 2016, Pink Quartz returns to the spotlight… the most genteel of all colors.
  • Bright Yellow: a color as full of zest and energy as orange, always stunning combined with neutral tones.


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