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Cucine moderne e di design

Experience London: designer kitchens and contemporary ideas. Dinner with Claire and Hiro

Join us for an evening in a modern London flat, as dinner guests with a young couple

Claire and Hiro – she’s Irish, he’s Japanese – met at university.

Hiro is a brilliant broker, Claire a successful young architect… sounds like the beginning of a sentimental novel.

But actually it’s simply the way we have imagined a young multi-ethnic couple in contemporary London.
Claire and Hiro live in the East End, having bought and renovated an old industrial space in an elegant modern minimalist design style. They have one large living area, including a latest-generation kitchen with clean and simple lines. Every choice has been inspired by refined beauty. However, nothing has been left to chance: every element has been chosen for its functionality and practicality, every space is welcoming but also efficiently achieves a precise purpose. Thanks to Claire’s talent, undoubtedly.Ogni scelta è stata ispirata da bellezza ed eleganza. Nessuno spazio, però, è progettato a caso: gli elementi sono tutti studiati per la funzionalità e la praticità, ogni angolo accoglie e svolge un compito preciso in modo efficiente. È il tocco di Claire, senza dubbio.

vivere a londra

This evening they have invited us to dinner: sophisticated simplicity, based on sushi accompanied by a fine white wine.

They laugh and joke about their day and tell us what they like about their area, once a poor district but now part of the pulsing heart of London. Did you know that an Ace Hotel opened here a few years ago?

It’s in Shoreditch High Street, not far from where we are. The building it occupies has a special history, having previously housed the Crowne Plaza Hotel, on the site where the Shoreditch Empire Musical Hall once stood, where Charlie Chaplin performed in his youth.

The new hotel was skillfully transformed by the Universal Design Studio, an architecture and interior design studio which Claire knows well, coordinated by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

Another thing they love about the district, explains Hiro, is its various weekly markets: especially the Columbia Road flower market, where one can find anything from small potted plants to banana trees four metres high.

Nearby also stands the first store opened by Lee Broom, the now famous interior designer whose projects include parts of Harrods. This can be found inside Electra House, rigorously in elegant tones of white and grey.

An ideal setting for an enamored young couple to explore new possibilities and find inspiration for intriguing new projects.
This is the backdrop we have chosen as a set for our promotional video Frames by Franke Style, to invite you to join us in dreaming up an ideal kitchen in terms of both function and style.

Frames by Franke, Champagne Crystal Oven

A totally innovative oven. Brushed stainless steel for contemporary high-tech spaces. Champagne Crystal, emanating inimitable class.

Frames by Franke, Champagne Crystal Hob

A cooking hob in stainless steel... unique. Including child-safety system and automatic extractor hood activation.

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Experience London: designer kitchens and contemporary ideas. Dinner with Claire and Hiro
Join us for an evening in a modern London flat, as dinner guests with a young couple.
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Franke Kitchen System
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