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What is a catalogue App? Find out, with our new digital catalogue

Product catalogue for Ipad users, “Franke Italia, 2017 Collections”: everything you want to know is here.

Printed catalogues farewell: today’s products are presented via digital catalogue. The balance is clearly tipping: a growing number of companies create a catalogue app. One of them is us, with “Franke Italia, 2017 Collections”: the digital product catalogue for Ipad users, available in Apple Store.

First and foremost, a clarification: as we all know, digitalization has become an unstoppable trend, and the growing public request for interactive communications is increasingly massive. Nonetheless, in this necessarily technological context, the catalogue – whether it be a furnishing catalogue, a fashion catalogue or a travel catalogue – is a tool still widely used in many commercial situations, and remains a necessary instrument in any context that offers a wide range of products or services in need of illustration. What changes with a digital catalogue is not so much its function, but its form of presentation and use. Between paper and a touchscreen, in other words, even in the case of a catalogue of product collections like ours, a whole new world opens up.

Digital and interactive product catalogues: an instrument that boosts involvement.

The creation of a digital catalogue for Ipad users, or simply for tablet users, means offering clients a mobile contact which they can consult at any moment, from anywhere… a particularly invaluable offer for at least two reasons:

  • it allows any user to immerse themselves in a reality they can explore in whatever way they want
  • it allows our sales network to optimize the presentation of all our products’ features and details, and to interact dynamically with our potential customers.

But that’s not all. For a company like ours, always strongly focused on eco-sustainability, the decision to launch a digital catalogue is also powered by a further vital factor: the possibility of concretely implementing our commitment to the environment, by notably reducing the consumption of paper, printing ink, fuel for road transport, and a whole range of lesser costs connected with creating and updating printed catalogues.


With the “Franke Italia 2017 Collections” catalogue app, choosing a product becomes a wonderful experience

As we were saying, if printed catalogues are being phased out in favor of digital catalogues for tablet, the main reason is the new user-friendly functionalities offered by the latter. This is the case with our Franke catalogue app which, in a simple but highly engaging way, introduces you to all the novelties in our collections, plus various bonuses, including chef Bruno Barbieri’s special recipes.  

Between a tap here and a swipe there, consulting our digital catalogue of kitchen appliances now becomes a wonder-filled ‘wonderful’ experience, offering everyone the possibility of:

  • viewing the photo gallery and enjoying the parade of product line novelties
  • watching videos that recreate kitchen ambiences, harmonies and lifestyle choices
  • activating chosen captions, to explore every item in maximum detail
  • taking a look at “What’s Bruno Barbieri cooking today?”, and trying out their own culinary skills


Not bad, no? Try for yourself!

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An induction cooking top that is perfect for constant-power continuous cooking.

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Cos’è un App catalogo? Scopritelo con il nostro nuovo catalogo digitale
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