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The bicycle path around Lake Garda: a boost for cyclists in Italy

Riding around the entire perimeter of Lake Garda, often almost touching the water, surrounded by amazing panoramas: the dream of every lover of bicycle travel comes true.

Bicycle and Nature enthusiasts, jump on your bikes: you’ll soon be able to cycle all the way round Lake Garda! What are we talking about? About the longest and most panoramic cycle path in Europe, a single ring connecting the three sides of Lake Garda, respectively parts of the Provinces of Trento, Verona and Brescia.

With two thirds of the ring already completed, the last part – the most spectacular of all – is almost ready: connecting Limone del Garda, in the Province of Brescia, and Riva del Garda, in Trentino. A route in parts suspended vertically high above the lake, clinging directly to the mountain rock.

The final result will be a path of 140 kilometers, in parts for bicycles only, and in parts both for cycling and walking… and filled entirely with thrills.

A perfect itinerary for lovers of cycling, or of soft mobility or slow tourism, offering unforgettable panoramic moments, such as at Capo Reamol or in the passage between the Provinces of Brescia and Trento, and various promontories from where you can admire the entire lake in all its natural serenity.

The new part of the Lake Garda bicycle trail, as well as exploiting the outside parts of the old abandoned tunnels of the Gardesana Road for the cliff-hanging sectors, has been designed to fit in harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape. The road surface in these parts will consist of a material closely resembling wood but more weather-resistant, while the path’s lake-side protective barrier will consist of a fine steel webbing which will have a minimal visual impact on the landscape.

The bicycle route that skirts Lake Garda undoubtedly offers a perfect opportunity for exploring a uniquely varied and beautiful journey through nature: away from traffic, in serenity and security.

Given the different kinds of conditions over its 140 km, this route is ideal for all kinds of riders: whether beginners, families or expert cyclists. For the latter category, we suggest you set yourself the test of the sector between Gargnano and Limone sul Garda, an itinerary that climbs up for 27 km through the Valvestino mountains. Quite a challenging ride… but can you imagine the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge and reaching those peaks powered only by your passion and energy?


One last suggestion: as those legs keep pedaling upwards, take a look at the lemon trees perched on their cramped terraces in the landscape between Salò and Limone. Pillars soaring towards the sky, orderly aligned and surrounded on three sides by high walls in white stone, built to expose the citrus trees only towards the south-east, in the sunniest direction. A long, patient and ingenious project, carried out by the lake’s sailors, who since the 18th century have also been “gardeners”. With such success that to this day this area is the highest place in the world where citrus fruit grow: citrons, lemons and bergamots. Fruit that perfectly symbolize the naturally Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda.

A mild and temperate climate, perfect for cycling outings in this record-breaking area… on the longest bicycle trail in Europe.

Down Draft extraction hood

A hood that is both discrete and avant-garde. Practically invisible and perfectly integrated with the higher part of the kitchen when not in use, it swings into action with one simple touch of a switch or a remote control.

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