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Artificial intelligence in the kitchen – not just for geeks

A few sharp knives, big pans, a hot cooking plate and fresh ingredients – the kitchen is running full speed. Or at least, that’s how it is for experienced professional chefs. But for amateur cooks, it doesn’t hurt to get some help every now and again. Especially when technological progress is always providing us with new options, namely artificial intelligence in the kitchen.

From the mixer to the smoothie maker – technology in the kitchen is handling more and more tasks and is becoming a reliable assistant, whether for kneading dough, braising the roast or baking bread on a Sunday. Slow or induction cookers and steamers are meanwhile a must-have. And ever more tech firms are specializing in exactly those types of appliances. According to Yoon Lee, Senior Vice President at Samsung, this comes as no surprise. Americans, for example, spend 60% of their time at home in the kitchen.

And experts say that the artificial intelligence trend will only grow in the next five to ten years. Stoves will be able to display a recipe suggestion based on the products in the fridge. For example, if a refrigerator is stocked with eggs, milk and butter, and flour and sugar are also available, a recipe for crepes will automatically be suggested. The potential is simply unlimited.

Science fiction in the kitchen

Just imagine that your mixer is able to link with the fitness tracker on your wrist, which is currently monitoring your diet. This in turn communicates with your scale and your refrigerator. The result? The right recipe for a slimming smoothie, based on physical activity, your current weight, and favorite fruits. Does that sound more like the latest sci-fi movie?

But wouldn’t it be nice if the oven would set itself at the right temperature on its own as soon as the family agrees about dinnertime on WhatsApp? And wouldn’t it be convenient if products were regularly and automatically re-ordered, based on consumption? This could also be synced with your calendar, ensuring that the right ingredients are always on hand for important events like holidays and birthdays.

It all sounds highly futuristic but we’re not far away from this all becoming reality. Watson, an ultra-powerful computer from IBM, is able to recognize taste profiles of different foods. It can make recommendations as to which ingredients go best together. That sounds promising, right?

Ending food waste

Artificial intelligence also offers great potential and opportunities for dealing with other issues, such as food waste. Based on a household’s shopping habits and leftovers in the household trash, food waste can even be completely avoided. If the large container of milk in the refrigerator often goes bad, the system takes note so that smaller quantities are automatically ordered instead – it’s that simple.

Technology offers all kinds of opportunities. But of course, the romance of cooking shouldn’t be “over-technological.” Through increased efficiency in everyday processes such as shopping and planning, we gain more time for ourselves – whether to cook, eat, drink, or simply enjoy and spend more time relaxing with family and friends.

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