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Apps for home furnishing and Apps for home design: why they’re worth using.

If you’re thinking about renewing the furnishing of your living space, what you need are Apps for home furnishing, which will help you to plan and carry out interior design plans based on your own creativity. If you then want to modify the layout and dimensions of the rooms, then get help from home design Apps: just as useful and easy to use, allowing you to view 3D renderings and projects, enabling the architect and designer that is part of you to fully express itself.

When it comes to home furnishing, there are numerous ways of “getting an idea” of how a certain furnishing item, a piece of furniture or the color of a sofa will effectively fit into our home. Some people are inspired by interior design magazines, others by watching TV programs. But the fact remains: it’s one thing to imagine something, and another thing to see it with your own eyes…

If you want to get an immediate and clear view of how a table, a bed, a wardrobe or a new kitchen would be best positioned in a given room, we advise you to take advantage of digital technology. Because if you use the right Apps you can plan, design and organize your home furnishings for yourself, thanks to the immense possibilities offered today by virtual reality and 3D. All you need is a smartphone, a creative vein and – obviously – the desire to make your home design dreams come true.

There are many Apps capable of giving form to the interior design ideas and solutions that enthuse you to the point where you want to live with them. We’ve selected 5 to show you: the most useful, user-friendly, complete and intuitive. 5 Apps for home furnishing and design that will allow you to create rooms, select furniture and flooring, choose fabric colors and wall colors… in other words, everything you need to bring a breath of fresh air and elegance into your home.

Magic Plan: perfect floor plans

A perfect floor plan is at the base of all furnishing projects. Magic Plan is an App that measures every room and draws your house-plan from simple photos.

Without having to move furniture or ornaments, or use a measuring tape or a calculator, you simply point your smartphone towards the room and obtain information on measurements, furniture and objects, but also geotags and other useful data.

After a few clicks you can receive your floor plans in .jpg or .pdf formats, and have them always at the ready for sharing with others.

Free, with a detailed tutorial on all its functions, Magic Plan is available for iOS and Android devices.

Homestyler: 3D rooms

Have you noticed a piece of furniture that you’d like in your living room? Homestyler is an App that recreates your rooms in 3D, gathering data on its dimensions and visualizing various furnishing solutions so that you can see which you like most.

It has a wide range of functions: you can shift the virtual furniture around, choose colors for the walls, hang luminaires, test different carpets, pictures, mirrors and many other things inside the space you wish to modify.

If you have doubts, Homestyler Interior Design offers you a collection of inspirations, projects that have been carried out, useful advice on perfecting your results, and even helping you to contact designers and planners in your area.

Once you have completed your project, you can also share it with others on social media, and perhaps gather some tips from user comments.

Planner 5D: room-design down to the last tiny detail

If you want floor plans as detailed and precise as those of a professional, or wish to use them to create interior design solutions, you can also use Planner 5D, the App that offers you realistic interior design projects in HD 2D and 3D formats.

Containing a vast amount of architectonic and furnishing content, Planner 5D’s library for home design allows you to create rendering views of every kind of room and interior, choosing and personalizing furniture, accessories and ornaments from a regularly updated catalogue.

An App that works for everyone: from beginners with a taste for interior design to qualified professionals in the field of interior furnishings.

Houzz: furnishing experts to advise you

If you’re in search of inspiration or ideas for planning and restoring your home, if you’re unsure how to proceed, or seek tips and advice from professional furnishers, Houzz Interior Design Ideas  is a portal and an application that offers a database of architects and designers, along with all kinds of furnishing advice and a vast collection of photos concerning home design.

Houzz can provide you with a wide range of opportunities:

  • getting to know designers, architects and interior designers through their portfolios
  • making contact with a sector professional working in your area
  • finding sources of inspiration thanks to a huge collections of photos of furnishing ideas
  • sifting through the photos for styles, spaces and themes
  • saving favorite ideas for ideabooks, making it simpler to search ideas and share them.

Pantone Studio: for recoloring your walls

Choosing the right colors for your home’s walls is not as easy as you might think. There are many variables to be considered: matching the colors of the furniture, the carpets, the sofa covers, the luminosity of the house, the dimensions of the room… If you want to be sure that you don’t repaint your walls only to then discover that the effect is not how you’d imagined it, Pantone Studio is an application for choosing the colors of your walls with the same expertise as an interior designer.

For every possible color, this App will show its chromatic data, its harmonies and the cross-references available in a vast library, offering an encyclopedic rainbow of possibilities.

Drawing upon a boundless archive, you can save your favorite tones in personalized palettes and share them. If you want to update yourself on color trends, take a look at “Home + Interiors” which carries the color trend forecasts that Pantone draws up every year.

Create new ambiences, choose more suitable furniture, select better flooring, repaint your walls: whatever occurs to you, whatever you may need during the conception and planning phase, you can handle better if you use a home furnishing App. Their usefulness is simply undeniable, and their advantages are countless. Just to start with, you’ll no longer have to spend time bringing home dozens of fabric samples from different stores in order to examine as many options as possible, while never succeeding in getting a realistic vision of your ideas’ full effect.

If you want to see the end result before starting work (and before spending a cent), to put your ideas to the test, to share them or compare them with sector professionals, the only way is to exploit the infinite possibilities offered by digital and virtual realities. Among the 5 home furnishing and designing Apps we have just proposed, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal one for you!

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